Looking for an easy way to spot your dog at the dog park, or dress up your furry friend for a special event? Consider a dog bandana! As an added bonus, the sale of our dog bandanas helps support canine cancer efforts.

Below is more information on the type of bandana to get and some additional reasons to get your dog a bandana, beyond the cuteness factor.

Reasons to Get Your Furry Friend a Dog Bandana

The first, most obvious, and most important reason to get your dog a bandana is: they look so gosh-darn cute wearing them! Step up your selfies, and if you’re really feeling it, coordinate your outfits. Add a pair of sunglasses or a hat (if they’ll sit still long enough) for some added flair.

Cute dog with bandana that says "Mom's best pal"There are practical reasons to get your dog a bandana too:

  • Spot your dog from a distance – If your dog is roaming the dog park or exploring in nature, a brightly colored or uniquely patterned dog bandana allows you to easily spot your dog from a distance. This also helps when walking your dog at dawn, dusk, or nighttime, so cars and other people can spot your pet better in low light.
  • Provides warmth to your dog’s shoulders – For smaller dogs or dogs with shorter hair, a bandana can offer a bit of extra warmth around the shoulders. If you live in a cold climate or your pup gets cold often, a bandana can be an obvious choice. Consider it like a scarf, for the season before the sweaters come out!
  • Catches drool from sloppy drinkers – Drinking from a water bowl can be a messy and drool-filled experience for some dogs (and afterward, their humans). A bandana can be used to help catch some of the overspilling or used afterward to wipe your dog’s dripping jowls.
  • Catches loose hair – For dogs that shed a lot, a bandana will catch the hair underneath it, preventing it from falling onto the floor. While nothing beats a good brushing or haircut, a bandana can help reduce the amount of hair and dander your dog sheds in the house.

What to Look for in a Dog Bandana

Cute dog with bandana that says "Zero barks given"The material a dog bandana is made out of is important. Cotton or cotton fabric blends are best as they are easy to wash and keep looking nice. Bandanas made with mainly synthetic fabrics don’t breathe as well and can make your dog uncomfortable and itchy. Wash gently and air dry for best results.

Remember that it’s a bandana, not a cape! Don’t go too crazy. When sizing, get a bandana that is large enough to fit around your dog’s neck and be functional without being too large and hampering your dog’s movements.

If you’re looking to use the bandana to spot your dog from afar, consider bright colors like fluorescents, unique patterns, or patterns with a lot of contrast like tie-dye or paisley. Make sure to choose a color that contrasts with your dog’s fur color. If you’re only in it for the cute doggo pics, choose whatever pattern you like!

Bandanas can also be a voice for your dog since they can’t speak for themselves!

Can I Use a Regular Bandana for My Dog? Is There a Difference?

Yes, of course, you can use any bandana. Just make sure you find one that’s a good quality material. Not sure how to tie it? Search for dog bandana DIY and you’ll find some good tips and tricks.

However, bandanas designed just for dogs can have a few unique design elements that make them easier to put on and take off, and can make them more comfortable for your dog to wear. Some features include:

  • Larger flaps
  • Storage pocket
  • Thinner around the neck
  • Includes traditional collar clip attachments

Dog bandanas specifically for collars are great if your dog wears their collar full-time. Otherwise, the bandana would only be used when they’re being walked, or wearing their collar at the dog park.

How do dogs wear bandanas?

Cute dog with bandana that says NCCFHowever you put them on!

A slip-on dog bandana could work for very calm dogs, but if they are a bit skittish about things going over their head, consider a collar with snaps, zips, or Velcro. Just make sure that it’s not too tight. You should be able to put two fingers underneath the bandana to keep your dog comfortable.

Buy one today!

Dog bandanas are a great gift for your favorite dog whether it’s your pooch at home, your grand pup, or a neighbor dog.

Check out our selection of cute dog bandanas here. Remember, all proceeds go to supporting a cure for canine cancer.


Dog Bless America Bandana on French BulldogCute dog with bandana that says "Mom's best pal"

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