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The National Canine Cancer Foundation is a dog charity that strives to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in dogs through education, outreach, and research. We save lives through prevention, more accurate and cost-effective diagnostic methods as well as better treatments which will diminish the number of dogs who are suffering from cancer.


One out of every three dogs will get cancer. Because of this startling fact, this dog charity was founded to help educate and raise awareness. For every concerned dog owner, we have created one of the most comprehensive canine cancer libraries including the ten early warning signs of cancer in your pet.


Every event that the National Canine Cancer Foundation puts on, every page of our website, and every product and email we send out is done to raise awareness of canine cancer. The National Canine Cancer Foundation’s goal is to save dogs’ lives, educate and reach all dog owners, and find new treatments and a cure for canine cancer.


A well-respected dog charity, the National Canine Cancer Foundation helps fund universities that are performing cutting-edge research toward prevention, finding cures, better treatments, more accurate cost-effective diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer, and diminishing dogs suffering from cancer.

Read about why the National Canine Cancer Foundation was started, and meet Bailey, the inspiration for this dog charity.

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