Join the Fight Against Dog Cancer

Your generous tax-deductible donation will make a dramatic impact on ensuring dogs have a cancer-free future. The National Canine Cancer Foundation helps educate dog owners on effective treatments and the new diagnostic methods for detecting cancer in dogs.

Funding research to help eliminate cancer in dogs is only part of our mission. For those beloved pups who are currently in the fight, we support research initiatives aimed at moving life-altering research out of the lab into clinical trials. If we all work together, We Are The Cure.


Dedicate your Donation

One of the best ways to memorialize your beloved dog is by making a dedicated donation that helps fund canine cancer research. Honor your Veterinarian, a friend, co-worker, or friend’s dog!

Easy to do in just 3 simple steps, memorial donations are one of our most popular ways to donate to the cause. Show you care while also helping to ensure all dogs can live a long and healthy life.  

1. Enter all the information on the first page of the donation form, then click “Customize your donation.”

2. Then, select “Dedication this Donation”

3. Next, you can enter the name of the dog or the person to whom you are dedicating the donation. Be sure to provide their address so a card will be sent to them.

*Bonus feature – following your donation you will have the option to provide a photo and a story that will be posted on the memorial pages of our website.

Become a Monthly CORE Member

The NCCF CORE Members are Canine Cancer Warriors and are a very important part of our team!

Regular donations fund our nonprofit organization’s prevention and education efforts and vital cancer research. Knowing that we have a monthly base of donations allows the NCCF to plan our commitments to new research grants plus consistently create outreach campaigns that spread the word about prevention to educate dog owners about cancer in dogs.

Together, We Are The Cure to Canine Cancer and Our CORE Members have a powerful impact on moving research from the lab to the dog patient.

Birthday Cake

Have a Birthday Fundraising with Facebook

Raising funds on your birthday through Facebook for the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF) non-profit is easy.

By utilizing your own fundraising button on Facebook you can help serve the mission of EDUCATION, OUTREACH & RESEARCH. Here is the link to our Facebook page

While Birthday Fundraisers are the most popular, you can begin a fundraising campaign at any time!

It starts a few days before your birthday, Facebook will send you a notification that your birthday is coming up and Facebook will suggest you have a birthday fundraiser for your favorite non-profit.

Click below to find out more about starting a FB birthday fundraiser for the NCCF.


Start Your Own Fundraiser on our Website

If you have a different idea than just a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, we have the place for you!  If you click on the link below you will have the ability to create a great-looking fundraising page.  

You can even have friends join your team to help raise money.  Just click on the link below to start.

Or if you want to join a fundraising team that is already created you can find them by click the same link.

Canine Cancer Memorial Donation
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Donate to Crypto Currency 

Many non-profits are beginning to accept donations with crypto currency and that includes the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  

We accept BTC, ETH, USDT, Litecoin and Dogecoin.  

Click on the link below to find out how to donate your crypto currency.