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Become a CORE Member – Help Fight Canine Cancer!

Every Dog Deserves to be Cancer Free – Won’t You Help?

Together, we have a chance to help end the leading cause of death for our best friends, dog cancer. The scientific community believes that they are closer than ever to finding cures and new treatments for canine cancer. And potentially for ourselves since every cure for cancer in dogs is a road map for the potential cures in humans.

Now, you can help ensure every dog can enjoy a long, healthy life through monthly donations that help fund prevention efforts and research for the cure.

NCCF Core Membership

To carry on these life-saving efforts for our dogs, we are asking for all of you to help by becoming a CORE member of the National Canine Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit. To become a CORE member of NCCF and become a canine cancer warrior, simply fill out the simple form on this page and commit to a monthly donation.

It’s easy and donating a minimum of $25 per month for at least one year makes a huge impact on our mission of education, outreach, and research.

How Your Donation Helps the Cause

CORE memberscontributions have a powerful impact on moving research from the lab to the dog patient. Dog owners’ lives are improved through education efforts that increase awareness of this heartbreaking issue while helping to create better outcomes through early diagnosis.

Once You Commit to the Monthly Donation You Will Receive

  •  2 of our Exclusive Pink Paw products

  • An exclusive CORE membership T-Shirt (unisex style/colors do vary slightly depending on available stock)

  • A special membership certificate – plus – your name will be listed on the site as a CORE member in recognition of your important contribution.

  • CORE members will have early access to our handmade holiday ornament and access to other exclusive membership opportunities as they become available.


I want to personally thank you in advance for helping us fund powerful research grants and joining us as we continue with our mission of working together to find a cure.

See a list of all of our current CORE members.

If we all work together, WE ARE THE CURE.


Gary D. Nice
President / Co-Founder

If you have any questions regarding the CORE Member program please email our store manager directly at

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