Missing your past pets this Christmas? You are not alone


Missing your past pets this Christmas? You are not alone

There are emotional flashpoints throughout the year when you’re grieving the passing of a loved one. The first birthday, the first anniversary, the first anything. And Christmas is of course a huge hurdle if it is your first without a familiar face.

For animal lovers who have said goodbye to beloved pets this year, the feelings can be the same.

Basil was a 12 year old Boxer with a few health issues, it was his time to go. But we have only just had time to get to grips with his passing, and now the festive season is racing towards us. He was our first family dog so I’m having to think about what our first Christmas since he died will be like. How different it will be, how we will mark it and how certain times of the year can be so poignant and provocative.

We will raise a toast to him at lunch, like we do for anyone missing from our lives, but it will be a very different event without him hanging around under the table waiting for a turkey treat or a stray roast potato. …Read full story at Metro News

Source: Metro News

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    Rhonda Morris
    December 18, 2017

    I lost my first cat to cancer on Thanksgiving 2011. I lost my first dog to cancer in Feb. of 2015. This year, I lost my other dog to cancer on Oct. 30 and 1 week later another cat to cancer. Their stockings r all hung and I also have a picture frame fireplace with all of their names engraved. I miss them terribly and they will always b included in my holidays.

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