Living With Canine Cancer Every Day


Living With Canine Cancer Every Day

Do you remember how it feels to have to live with the canine cancer diagnosis every day? I remember a myriad of emotions from great sadness to concern to anger and great worry.  We are not even the ones who feel the pain of cancer, physically, but as good pet parents, we do go through a lot.  It is a hard time, trying to decide on a course of treatment, hearing the heavy breathing and not being greeted by the happy face and wagging tail of your favorite fur friend.

Living With Canine Cancer-02It has been almost three years since our last Golden passed away from cancer, but I do remember each of the 7 diagnosis and all of the feelings that went with each one.  During this time, it was wonderful to have such great friends, dog friends who really understood and helped us through all of it from diagnosis to too much wine in mourning the loss and then the celebration of their life.

In working for the NCCF – we spend a lot of days reading and responding to everyone who has just started down this hard journey or who are facing an empty home from the loss and our losses are brought to the surface again as we share and try to help them through it.  We are proud though that there is now a community of people who are willing to come and comfort, help and share the good times and bad with each other.  Our dogs and the joy of who they were and how they brought such joy to our life is constantly brought up again and again.  That community is on our Facebook page:

If you haven’t visited the page, please check it out.  This is another way that you can join the fight against canine cancer. And share it with everyone you know who needs it.

Please don’t forget about your monetary donations as well, they are the main driver of the fight against canine cancer.  Over the past month we have inspired 50 people to become new CORE members. Our CORE Members believe in our motto, Together, We Are The Cure, as they make a monthly commitment to help. Join them and Join us in the fight against canine cancer.

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By Sara Nice • Co-Founder, NCCF

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    Andrea Vaughn
    December 23, 2017

    Hello. This Christmas my sweet Pomeranian, Marley Jane, has been diagnosed with oral squamous cell ca. My sadness is probably interfering with common sense. Marley Jane has been eating well but is now, frequently vomiting an hour or more after eating. She hasn’t pooped for 3 days now. Her belly is soft but I wonder if she could be constipated? Not wanting to add to her suffering, I haven’t done anything to relieve this suspected constipation…she probably isn’t.

    I guess my question is…is vomiting a symptom of the disease? Is the drainage from the foul tumor in her mouth causing her to vomit? I clean her mouth with salt water 2-3 times a day which helps with odor. Feeling totally incompetent at this moment and ask for any suggestions about how to relieve her suffering. Is she nauseated related to the drainage swallowed? Is she constipated, causing the vomiting? Oh, i realize it’s impossible for any of you who might respond to me queries to know what’s going on with Marley Jane. But perhaps i could get more information from those who have been through this terrible time about what signs and symptoms to expect as the tumor progresses and any methods used to relieve any of those that i possibly can.

    My heart goes out to all of you have lost a loved pet, it hurts so much. And i express my gratitude in advance for any responses/suggestions to help make me Marley Jane’s suffering less so.

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      January 2, 2018

      Hello Andrea, I am sorry it has taken this long to respond but we all in my family have been dealing with the flu and this is my first day back at work. Your comment was heart wrenching to read and I am sorry about your sweet pup Marley Jane going through all of us. My first suggestion is always to work with a Vet Oncologist. Secondly I am not a Veterinarian and I also encourage you to send a email via our Ask The Doctor. You will get a response. We have a dog who was not going to the bathroom and was throwing up and we found out he had a blockage that was preventing him from pooping so the only way for it to come out was by throwing up. In our case, our dog Duncan had found the end of a Kong and he ate it and it settle at the end of his stomach where it goes into the intestine. We had to have surgery. The drainage would cause the nausea also. If you would like I can send this email to one of our researchers that may be able to help you. Please let me know by sending me a email to Gary Nice @ Kind Regards Gary

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