To think someone else had a special dog with the same name is more than a coincidence to the Ottawa resident who summers in Pugwash.

It was during a walk on the beach last summer that she came across a rock with a special inscription – one that made her shed tears of remembrance and joy.

“I had a very special dog named Hannah that I rescued in 2009. It was the very first dog I had in my adult life. She was an absolute sweetheart who helped me through some difficult times in life, but she ended up passing away with cancer in 2014,” Powell said. “Last summer I was walking on the beach and a friend’s son called over to me to come over and look at this rock. Someone had engraved on this big boulder ‘Hannah a great dog.’

“I could not believe it because what are the chances that someone else had a great dog named Hannah that they wanted to pay tribute to. I was so happy to see it and to think someone else had a great dog named Hannah.” …read full story

Source: Truro Daily News