Back in March, Molson the twelve-year-old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with terminal cancer, after vets found a tumor in his nose. Molson was given just three months to live.

His owner, Tim Griffin, decided to give Molson the farewell he deserved, creating a bucket list for the two of them to complete together before the end of Molson’s life, to make sure they make the most of their final days together.

Tim came up with the bucket list with the help of his kids, Elliot, eight, and Chloe, ten, as well as asking for suggestions from other dog lovers.

They’ve been tackling the list ever since.

So far, Molson has gone camping, sat in a hot tub, visited to largest pet store on the East Coast, and has even got married, tying the knot with black Labrador Josie in a ceremony attended by 30 guests last month.

The wedding came from a bucket list item to get Molson a girlfriend, which ended up going to the next level.

Molson wore a suit and top hat, while Josie wore a white dress. The ceremony took place at a park and was conducted by an ordained minister. …Click here to read full story

Source: Metro News