Daisy Mae came into my life 14 years ago. She was a rescue from Florida. Daisy was bred to be a guard dog for criminals. They water deprived her and kept her chained. To teach her to be mean they would beat her. One day, while 3 deplorable “men” were beating her and doing unthinkable things to her, a good samaritan had the courage to call the police. They were arrested and she was transported to a vet in Florida who saved her life. The men were fined $500 each and told they could never have a dog again…..disgusting.

Daisy was beaten with sticks, fists and other objects at only 4 months. I have all of the documentation from the vet. He had to rebuild her eyes and facial structure. I cannot believe she lived through this. She made her way to me at 9 months and the rest is history. She is a mixture of Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd and grew to be well over 100lbs. She is the most gentle creature I have ever known. Tried as they did, those evil men did not create the monster they wanted, her soul & spirit won.

August of 2016 Daisy was diagnosed with end stage colon cancer with a large inoperable mass in her colon. We were told she had just days to possible 2 weeks left to live. …read full story

Source: The River 105.9