A new drug, HylaPlat, has produced high cure rates for many different forms of Canine Cancer. By way of targeting the cancer, and directly injecting it with Hylaplat chemotherapy, results have been dramatically improved locally, as well as systemically. So far the drug has proven highly effective on a variety of metastatic cancers.  Trials are ongoing through veterinary practices, and your vet’s practice and your dog may be able to participate for free. Contact Information for canine cancer trial participation is located at the bottom of the article.

What is Hylaplat, The Injectable Chemotherapy?

The team at HylaPharm (a 2011 startup affiliated with the University of Kansas) blended Hyaluronan and Cisplatin to create HylaPlat.  The brain child of pharmaceutical chemist Laird Forrest Ph.D. and Daniel Aires, M.D., Director of dermatology at KU, Hylaplat is showing promise with canine cancers, and they hope to see it in human clinical trials as well in the future. …continue reading this article on The Modern Bark

Source: The Modern Bark