Merry Christmas and HOPE for a Cancer Free New Year


Merry Christmas and HOPE for a Cancer Free New Year

Merry Christmas!

All the gifts have been wrapped, the hurried hustle of getting ready for the holiday is coming to a close.  Now, it is time for rest and celebration.  A time to spend with our family and friends, laughing, enjoying good food and presents.  We hope you will enjoy this time of the season.

Some people find it sad because they have lost a fur kid to cancer recently or around this time of year. I want to challenge you, if this is you, to look to the good memories and pay tribute to the life lost by celebrating it and all you now have because of that fur kid.

For Gary and I, if we look back at our life from the time we first had Ashby and Bailey, we find a trail of so many friends, fun trips and dog shows, the memories now are so sweet and the friends are still close. Through the years now, working here at the National Canine Cancer Foundation, we have found more close friends and people who share the same trials and sorrows as we have and the same joy.  So, it is the JOY that we celebrate this Christmas. The JOY of being a part of such a wonderful organization that helps so many and is fighting cancer every day.

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for being a part of the Cure.

Sara and Gary Nice
National Canine Cancer Foundation


Sara Nice

Sara Nice is a member of the Board of Directors and one of the founders of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. She is passionate about helping to educate and raise awareness for every dog owner about dog cancer. She proud of the NCCF's comprehensive canine cancer library including the development of the ten early warning signs of cancer in your pet.

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