Every pet owner knows that ‘the day’ will come


Every pet owner knows that ‘the day’ will come

There’s a day in every pet owner’s life that we know is coming but try our best not to acknowledge until it finally arrives.

May 14 was that day for my wife and me.

Lucy, the half Labrador-half golden retriever that my wife raised from a weeks-old puppy, died at the age of 14.

In the end, the cause wasn’t what we thought it was going to be. Over the past few years, we thought an obscenely large fatty pocket would transform from a benign annoyance to a villainous form of cancer. It happens. We considered removing it completely, but a complex surgery like that could have done more damage than good.

But it wouldn’t have mattered. The arthritis that came with old age took its toll. Medications helped some, but just as time is unstoppable, so are its effects. …to read full story click here

Source: Greensboro News & Record

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