When Aki Yamaguchi was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a divorce, her border collie, Jazzy, helped her through her depression.

Thankfully, six months after the completion of her treatment, Aki was given the all clear.

But things weren’t all well and good.

Just before Aki was told she would be okay, she discovered that Jazzy also had a form of cancer, known as hemangiosarcoma, a tumor of blood vessel cells.

Jazzy wouldn’t have long left to live, even after amputation surgery gave her an extra 21 days.

‘She had hemangiosarcoma, but a rare case,’ said Aki.

It normally affects internal organs but in Jazzy’s case, it started in her leg. A few days after the diagnosis, her leg broke. Two doctors recommended putting her down. …read full story

Source: metro.co.uk