Research in the field of dog health has brought to light an unfortunate finding relating to cancer in canines. It shows that one in four dogs is bound to develop this disease eventually irrespective of its breed type. Perhaps manipulating all of its causes is not in the hands of the dog owner but some preventive measures can effectively keep cancer away.

Do Not Opt for Early Neutering/Spaying:

A study conducted almost 15 years ago showed that there was a direct link between early neutering and increased risk of osteosarcoma in male/female Rottweilers that were castrated before they turned a year old. Another research proved that the chances of bone cancer doubled in large pedigree dogs that were neutered vis-à-vis the ones that weren’t neutered. Even if you opt to sterilize your pet wait until it’s mature in terms of overall growth including that of bones, do not mix this with sexual maturity. Smaller breeds gain maturity at 9 to 12 months whereas larger breeds gain full growth at around two years of age.

Source: Pets World