The Animal Cancer Foundation estimates that nearly 12 million pets are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer is never easy to talk about—which is exactly why pet parents need to strike up a conversation before their pet gets sick.

Dealing with cancer can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. As the head of a pet health insurance company, I see the effects of pet cancer on families every day. As a pet parent, I felt its devastating effects after losing Petplan’s Dog-in-Chief, Wellington, to cancer in 2014.

Despite the pervasiveness of the disease, there are still many myths out there about pet cancer. In the spirit of helping the tens of millions of pet parents on this journey with their pets—and for the many millions more who are lucky enough to have healthy pets—here are some truths everyone who loves a furry friend needs to know about pet cancer. …continue reading this article on Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post