We all know the meme.

With over 3 million shares, the internet fell in love with the ‘flower dog’. But how did the picture even come about and just who is that dog?

You might be surprised. The dog in the meme has one heck of a story.

Rigby was a rescue. He was from a backyard breeder and didn’t have the greatest start in life.

In South Carolina, an unsuspecting Lisa and Jerry Miller could never have dreamed that their rescued Weimaraner puppy could create such a viral storm.

“I bought a canon 70d and was trying to teach myself photography… I never imagined it would ever turn into this…. but it is something great from above, because that picture makes everyone laugh, and for a moment people forget all of their worries.”

“Rigby loved to make everyone laugh and smile, that is how he wound up liking to dress up in all of his costumes. we never imagined we would lose him before he turned 5 years old, but his legacy of making people smile and laugh lives on in with that picture.”

Source: The Daily Jam