When you find out that your dog has cancer, it’s one of the most surreal experiences possible. You panic and grab a camera to take a million pictures of your pup. And that is exactly what Akira and KyAlea did. .

On January 8th, Akira and KyAlea brought Ninja in for “possible back pain.”

When Akira brought Ninja in for “possible back pain,” he never considered a diagnosis of cancer. “We noticed his eating habits weren’t normal and didn’t realize he was trying to tell us something at the time. We thought it was an old back injury from last year that was flaring up. The doctor gave Ninja the same pain relieving meds as before to help him with his back pain. After a week or two, we noticed the pain medications no longer helped, and he was showing signs of fatigue. We thought it was the muscle relaxers but knew something else was going on. Ninja refused to eat his treats and wasn’t lying down or relaxing in his normal places. Then on Sunday night, Ninja’s weak, little body licked and kissed me. His tongue was COLD and at that moment, KyAlea and I knew something was deathly wrong.”

Source: Animal Medical Clinic Blog