As many of you who follow my social media accounts may already know, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy, Luciano. On December 6, Luciano crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, leaving our hearts completely broken.

It’s been just over two weeks, and it’s still hard for me to write about it. One of the hardest parts about this experience is knowing that we lost him at such a young age, at only four years old. We worked hard to extend his life and give him a quality of life since his diagnosis. And we feel we did that. I believe that the cancer treatments, homemade diet, supplements, love, prayers, and attention helped Luciano enjoy a few good “healthy” months while in clinical remission, where he was able to run and play and enjoy life.

When Luciano was first diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma in July, we thought we were going to lose him pretty quickly. We were told his cancer was aggressive and difficult to treat. So to have five more quality months with him was an absolute gift. The treatment plan went quite well for most of that time, and we are grateful for the extra time we got with him. But when the decline started in November, it seemed to happen so fast. And the moment we saw that he was suffering (and realized it wasn’t going to get much better), we knew we had to make the inevitable decision we had been dreading. …to read full story click here

Source: Adventures of a Sick Chick