Just after 4 CDT of Sunday morning, Rocky decided he had better things to do than continue fighting stupid cancer, so he took his Wings and went to the Bridge.

A quick recap those unaware of his story: Osteosarcoma in his right front leg led to it being amputated Feb. 14 of this year. He had five rounds of carboplatin, then the cancer spread down his right side with three tumors. Six weeks of Palladia held them at bay, but last week we discovered the existing tumors had grown and a new one showed up on his left side. So Thursday we started a regimen of Mitoxantrone (every three weeks) and Leukeran (daily). I knew we were running out of time. But I figured we still had months, or at least weeks. Not days. But cancer is dirty. Very dirty. And Rocky’s was especially dirty.

I spent most of the afternoon watching college football with Rocky, as usual, by my side. For dinner, he ate some Fresh Pet followed by grilled chicken tenders and topped off with a Frosty Paw. About 12:30 this morning, with football winding down, I let Rocky out to potty (and maybe hunt some cicadas). He ran to the back door and I thought to myself that he was moving pretty well. …Read the full story at Tripawds

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