On March 10, 2018, we held a “Paint Your Pet” event to raise money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation in Mister Molson’s name.  The goal:  $5000.  The incentive: The Beard.  I promised the kids that I’d shave if we reached our goal.  So, they have been very excited about this mission.

Through direct donations and two t-shirt fundraisers, we had raised $1565.  We were doing pretty well but losing steam.  So, I asked friends for ideas on how to keep our momentum.

Michele the painter responded right away.  She helped out with Molson’s bucket list by painting his portrait last year.  She has also lost dogs to cancer so our story resonated with her.  She also does amazing work for other charities like Pitties.Love.Peace, The Last Dog Rescue, Bella’s Bully Buddies, and many more.  She offered to hold a “Paint your Pet” event for Mister Molson’s cause.  She donated all of her time and talent and helped recruit people.

She originally found out about Mister Molson through the Fox43 news story by Ali Bradley.  Michele saw the story and immediately wanted to help.  Thanks to Ali, Mister Molson’s story spread around the world.  So, it was extra special that she showed up to support this cause.  She is also a dog lover with two of her own.

Around 20 people attended and completed 11 pet paintings.  Thanks to everyone who came out, we raised another $500 towards fighting canine cancer!

Some awesome art was created for both living and passed pets.  Molson’s buddy Mister Otis, who also lost his battle with cancer, was also painted.  This was a really fun way to raise money and honor our pets.  We hope to hold more of these as we work toward our $5,000 goal.  With the painting fundraiser, we are now at $2,065.  We hope you join us in our efforts and help us fight canine cancer.

By Timothy Griffin

Source: The Modest And Muddy Life