I remember fading in and out of consciousness, not much else. I had no idea where I was and how I got there. I remember seeing a glimpse of my mom and what I can assume were doctors. Apparently I was in a bad car wreck and had been asleep for some time. Here I was flirting with my own mortality yet again. Apparently surviving Hodgkin’s Lymphoma twice as well as testicular cancer was not sacrifice enough to appease the universe. I do remember asking my mom where my fiancee was– a standard question to be asked after being with someone for 13 years when you find yourself waking up in a hospital room.

My mom told me that while I was unconscious, my fiancee informed her that we were breaking up and that I was not to return to the home we purchased together. Yeah, true story.

Fast forward a few months: I moved in with my parents and had just made the decision to get the dog I’d always wanted. My very own English Bull Terrier. A man only needs his dog, right? I figured I would probably never find another partner and even if someone took pity on me and endured the baggage which comes along with being a cancer survivor, I would never be able to give her a child. …continue reading this article on iHadCancer

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