Dogs are often called man’s best friend. But to so many, they’re clearly much more — they’re family.

Over the past dozen years, Red Lion resident Tim Griffin’s “first kid” Mr. Molson has been by his side whenever possible, whether going on walks through the woods or tagging along to the classes Griffin teaches as training director at the York Electricians Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee in East Manchester Township.

Griffin said Molson “made growing up a little bit easier” for his children, Chloe, 10, and Elliot, 8. Molson always wanted to wrestle and play with them, Griffin said, and the children looked to him for a sense of security when going on walks and staying home alone.

After finding out in March that his 12-year-old golden retriever’s days were numbered, Griffin set out to show Molson just how much he meant to the family.

In the three months since he was diagnosed with maxillary fibrosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer in his mouth, Molson and his humans have embarked on dozens of adventures to cross off some of the nearly 40 items on his “bucket list.” …read full story

Source: York Dispatch