A “Dog Mom”.

Some people might laugh or chuckle when they hear me refer to myself as that. They clearly are not dog people 🙂

I am very much a “dog mom”. I have always considered myself a dog person. I grew up around dogs and they have always held a extra special place in my heart. Dogs are more than pets to me. Our dogs are very much a part of our family.

For as long as I can remember, we have always had a dog or dogs. In 2013, I began to develop a strong interest in training my “heart dog”, Loki. It began with obedience training and has progressed to rally, nosework, and agility. Now it has become a hobby and a passion for my husband and me.

We enjoy the time together and the stronger bond it has made with our dogs. I am looking forward to hopefully starting a new chapter soon with my training. My 11 yr old grandson has Autism, and he has developed a strong bond with Loki.

I am hoping soon to find a puppy that I can train to be a therapy dog for him. So what does being a “dog mom” mean to me?

It means wet kisses across my face.
It means warm snuggles at night.
It means loyalty.
It means laughter.
It means protection.

But most of all, it means love. A bond stronger than any words can describe.

By Margaret Schexnayder
Photo Courtesy: Kindle Fire Photography

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