Making A Mark on K9-01Death is not the end for our four-legged buddies … but a transition to the next journey. They’ve taught us what we need to learn, their work is done, and they move on to lazier days in the sun. But, they leave huge holes in our hearts, for their love is the unconditional kind.

On Saturday, we celebrated the lives of all of the K9s who have fought cancer. Some have won, and some were not so lucky.

On Saturday, I dedicated our 2nd Annual Making A Mark On K9 Cancer dog walk to 4 special dogs who have touched my heart in different ways. I wanted to share them with you, as only 1 of their families was able to stay for this part of the event. I have gifts for the remaining 3 of you. ♡

Piper Marie

The first dedication is in honor of Piper Marie. Her mom and I shared many stories on Facebook together over the last year as she fought bravely against lymphoma. I was looking forward to meeting Piper and her mom at the walk, but Piper’s illness became much worse just recently, and she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Sometimes, we get to know people without meeting them … and I feel this way about her mom. We are part of that club of dog moms who have had dogs with cancer … that club that no pet parent wants to belong to. These are the people that we connect with, they “get” what we are going through.

BrimmerBrimmer is another very special girl … and she is the 2nd dedication this year. I have known Brimmer since she was quite young, and she was always such a good, sweet girl … well … even when she ate her brother’s whole bottle of pain meds! She was always one of my favorites to see in the office, and her mom and grandma are personal friends of mine. We lost this pretty girl to brain cancer earlier this year.

SandySometimes, you get to have the pleasure of knowing your soul dog … the one that no dog can ever measure up to. Sandy was that dog to the Cochrans. She was their sweet, fun loving Golden who loved to dress up in costume, get donuts with her mom, and greeted everyone with a smile. She was one of my absolute favorite patients …. assuming her favorite spot between the exam room door and the bench her mom would sit on. She would roll over and demand a bell rub before each exam. She was the true epitome of love. We lost this beautiful girl to hemangiosarcoma earlier this year, but her memory lives on in her family’s hearts.

It was hard for me to pick a single dedication … i could have easily picked 20 dogs that have touched my heart over the last several years. 4 was very hard.

JackJack was and will always remain my #2. ♡ I never thought I could love another dog after Potter, but Jack is a dog I have always enjoyed. He and Potter must have been made the same way … his mom and I have shared countless similar stories right down to the fear of the kitchen appliance noises. No bread making or oven usage in our houses! Jack and Potter both were gentle old souls who would just as soon snooze by your side than run and chase a ball. I can picture then living it up together at the Bridge …. eating pizza crust and basking in the sun. His mom and I share a special bond … both being there for each other when we had to say goodbye to our boy. For that, I am forever grateful to you, Shannon.

We celebrate their lives … full of joy and love. ♡ ♡ ♡

By Kyle Stevenson

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