It all began on December 5, 2016. That was one of the hardest and saddest days of my life. Our golden retriever Amber had been suffering from oral cancer and she could no longer fight it. This was the day that we decided we had to say good bye to her. Taking her to the vet for one last car ride that morning was so difficult. We knew we were making the right decision but having to say good bye to her that day was horrible.

I told my husband Eric that it would be awhile before I was ready to get a dog again. We got through the winter and when it was time to start thinking about camping again I knew it was time to start thinking about getting another dog. Amber did everything with us: fishing, camping, rides in the car to the store—she was with us all the time.

We went camping to Amber’s favorite campground (Fisherman’s Point in Hoyt Lakes) over Memorial Day weekend and I cried my eyes out the whole time. Going camping without a dog was so strange. But, I was finally able to say a final good bye to Amber and started looking at shelter websites to see what dogs were available for adoption. We had talked about getting another golden puppy, but I was not ready for another puppy and since we had lost two golden retrievers to cancer I was not ready to take that chance again. I had always wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter. …Click here to read full story

Source: Hometown Focus