Precision CHAOS-Cancer Sucks Charity Team here!

Friends and Clients of Precision CHAOS dog agility training in Lodi, CA joined up and ran in honor of dogs lost (and fighting cancer) in a 3 mile K9 Gladiator Mud Run and Obstacle course in Lone, CA raising money for National Canine Cancer Foundation in November of 2017!

Our charity team was the largest at the event winning the Charity Team class and thus earning even more money towards being donated to the NCCF.

We also had team supporters purchase our team shirts for our cause as well as donate money directly to the NCCF.

Our team ran in memory of many teammates’ beloved dogs lost to cancer, as well as Quigley, an Australian Shepherd, owned by Kerry Blackwell who ran on our Mud Run team like a Champ despite currently being treated (chemo) for lymphoma. We also ran in honor of Lucy who is battling cancer too, owned by Michelle Pena, a Precision CHAOS student and team supporter.

Our 3 mile Obstacle Course & Mud Run teammates:

Jessica Clough and Runic

Laura Olmstead and Nyx

Andrew Au and Zoom

Jillian Sweeten and Thor

Angelique Shear and Fergie

Dennis Davis and Abby

Kerry Blackwell (and Natalie) and Quigley

Alex Hammarstedt and Rou

Emmie Lieberman and Frejya

Krystal Allen and Porter

Jillian Wilkowski and Luna

The dogs our teammates and supporters have lost that we dedicated our run to:

Laura Olmstead and Jack

Kerry Blackwell and Tango

Krystal Allen and Marshall and Rocky J

Nicole Maples and Finn McCool

Jillian Sweeten and Mickey and BeagleBaby

Marna Obermiller and Micah

The Larsons and Chopper

Emmie Lieberman and Quinn

Angelique Shear and Magic

Justine Borghello and Hannah

Jayme Martinez and Pinto and Panda

Glenda Glass and Kia

Sara Watson and Harry Pawtear

Friends of our team who graciously donated money to our cause:

Ann Au

Melanie Dubberly

Mary Mytych

and The Guide Dogs for The Blind team running at the K9 Gladiator event

By Jessica Clough – Precision CHAOS Agility, Lodi, CA