A drug created at the University of Kansas Medical Center appears to be helping some of man’s best friends survive cancer, and it holds potential to also help humans.

Tinkerbelle, a 10-year-old chihuahua, gives and gets lots of love. When sisters Gabrielle Letsinger and Cassandra Mortensen were petting her neck last year, they felt swollen lymph nodes. It was cancer — lymphoma. By this summer, Tinkerbelle was near death.

“She started not being able to eat or even breathe because of the swelling of the cancer,” said Mortensen.

Then they heard about a study of an injectable drug created by K.U. Medical Center researchers. HylaPlat is a combination of an old cancer drug, cisplatin, and hyaluronan, a naturally-occuring substance in humans. Dr. Daniel Aires said hyaluronan acts as a burrito around the cisplatin. …continue reading this article on Fox4KC

Source: Fox4KC.com