A few years ago, our beloved dog of almost twelve years developed cancer. My husband and I were devastated because in our eyes our dogs are members of our family. Since we were told there was no hope of remission, we decided the only way to help her was to make her comfortable for the remainder of her life. I’m sharing my story and some tips on how to help your dog with cancer at home.

Signs of Canine Cancer and Diagnosis

I got an inkling something was wrong with our dog Kaiya when one day she suddenly didn’t want to eat a favorite chicken jerky treat. I remember thinking how odd that was because she always ate them heartily and with extreme joy. Her sudden loss of appetite continued to drop off. The next symptom she exhibited was incontinence and we knew it was time to take her to the vet. After several tests and an x-ray, the vet told us she had cancer. The vet could see a foreign mass in her abdomen on the x-ray.

Our beloved Kaiya had cancer. The vet’s words stunned me like paralyzing hot pokers. I knew she was going to die, but my denial was flagrant and enormous. …click here to read full article for more detail

Source: Julie Hoag Writer