A best-selling Yorkshire author has channeled the anguish of losing her cherished dog to cancer into her latest novel. Chris Burn speaks to Milly Johnson about the unusual tribute.

It is a heartbreaking moment that animal lovers get to know only too well – the death of a beloved family pet is something that inevitably causes huge sadness. But for Yorkshire author Milly Johnson, the death of her dog Teddy from cancer last year had even greater significance as the faithful Eurasier dog was her constant companion as she wrote her last ten novels.

Milly was able to reflect her and her family’s sadness at losing Teddy in her new book written in the final months of his life by turning him into a character in her latest book. She has even dedicated the story, called The Queen of Wishful Thinking, to her faithful pet and a drawing of him appears on the back cover.

Milly, from Barnsley, got Teddy when he was a puppy and he would regularly sit by her side as she composed her books in her office at home. …read full story

Source: The Yorkshire Post