Daisy Ledger, a 24 year-old woman from Abingdon, Oxfordshire has gone Triathlon-mad in order to raise much-needed funds for cancer research in dogs.

Moose was a loveable Labrador, an important part of the family and Daisy’s childhood pet. The Ledger family sadly lost Moose in April last year after a short and sudden battle with cancer. Moose was 11 years old and died just two weeks after the diagnosis. Not many people know that one in four dogs get cancer, or that cancer is the biggest killer of dogs over the age of ten.

After losing Moose, Daisy found out more about the disease and was surprised to learn how many other people had also lost dogs to cancer, that cancer research in dogs is poorly funded and that very few research and treatments were available. Daisy also found that she was not alone in wanting to do something to help. …Read the full story at Dogs Monthly

Source: Dogs Monthly