Dogs are an integral part in many of our lives. Using dogs to help us in the battle of cancer is an exciting prospect. Dogs can detect cancers early with their noses. As veterinarians treat cancer in our dogs, we can learn more about how to treat cancer in humans. Scientists can study the genes of dogs and get valuable information about the potential origins of cancer.

We can help each other – dogs and humans living long and happy lives together. After some recent news of canine cancer research like this one, I’ve decided to explore this topic of how dogs help with cancer research further, and how they help us find ways of fighting cancer in both dogs and humans.

Cancer is terrible disease that affects a large part of the human and canine population in one way or another. While some people and dogs will struggle to fight the disease on their own, others will have to watch the people and animals they love fight for their lives. …for more detail read full article

Source: Top Dog Tips