When my corgi Ty was first diagnosed with Lymphoma, I searched for stories of pets who had beaten the odds. Hope is a powerful force and something that pet parents desperately crave when their pets are sick. I wanted nothing more than to read that dogs could beat this terrible disease. Corgi Bella was one of the first success stories that I came across. As of this writing she has been remission for 50 months. Many oncologists will consider the disease cured when the dog reaches five years.

I discovered Bella from her Facebook page, Bella, Warrior Princess, and gained a wealth of knowledge from her posts there, especially in regard to holistic care and immune support. We also have a lot in common. Bella, like Ty and Eve enjoys agility and canine nose works.  Like myself, her mom is an attorney. Then, of course, there is the corgi connection!. So, when I decided to do a series of posts about individual success stories, I reached out. I am excited to feature Bella as the first of what I hope will be many lymphoma success stories. Bella’s mom sent me such a well written summary of Bella’s story, that I am publishing it in full as she wrote it.  And with that, I present the success story of Bella.

Source: Some Pets!