A message of hope…

This is Andy. He has prostate cancer. In early March, he was given 1-3 months without treatment. We opted for treatment (targeted radiation, chemotherapy, Piroxicam, supplements, & diet). So far, he’s doing very well. Andy has dealt with his cancer battle the same way he deals with everything in his life: fearless enthusiasm & stubborn determination. He hasn’t let it change who he is at his core – a fun-loving, often mischievous, water-seeking missile dog. This photo was taken in September at a dock diving competition where he took 1st Place.

Andy decided that instead of Christmas gifts this year, he wanted to be an NCCF Core Member. We are very grateful to Dr. David Heller & the staff at California Veterinary Specialists, and for organizations like NCCF who strive to find a cure for all canine cancers.

Kathy Burkhart