Not something many pet owners know about, but if you’ve just heard about hemangiosarcoma in dogs, your dog may have been diagnosed with a type of skin cancer that’s extremely difficult to treat, and is often fatal to dogs. Here’s everything you should know about this condition.

What is canine hemangiosarcoma (HSA)?

The lining of your dog’s blood vessels is made up of cells called vascular endothelial cells. A tumor that attacks the endothelium is called hemangiosarcoma. Once within the blood vessel lining, it proceeds to spread throughout the blood vessels themselves. Hemangiosarcoma in dogs is a cancer of the blood vessels that can occur either on the surface of the skin or inside of the body itself.

The skin variety can be successfully removed surgically, and the chances of a full recovery are optimistic. This type is often non-problematic, but sadly that’s not what many pet owners encounter most commonly when they hear about canine hemangiosarcoma. …Read full article at Top Dog Tips

Source: Top Dog Tips