Melissa Davis and her family adopted Kaylee knowing they might not get to have the elderly dog for long. Then they found out Kaylee was dying of cancer, and they were getting even less time than they’d thought.

So the Davises were determined to make every single day special for Kaylee. And that’s just what they did.

It all started last spring, when Melissa Davis’ 9-year-old, Raven, began asking if the family could adopt an elderly dog.

“When she realized that old dogs die in the shelter with no family to love them, she was heartbroken. She started begging for us to adopt ‘an old dog no one else wants’ so that it could have a family before it died,” Davis told TODAY.

But the 33-year-old mom had reservations. The family already had five rescue cats and two dogs, plus two kids at their home in Odenton, Maryland. …Read full story at