Ever since the socks have come into the office my kids have had their eye on them and finally the day came that they could wear them. Their school was holding the annual Blessing of the Animals. The kids are always so proud of their Finn and they love being able to take her to school to show her off. Early that morning as we all got ready to go, the last part of the perfect outfit to compliment Finn was the new NCCF socks! Our son chose the bones, our daughter matched me with the pink paw socks and Gary chose the bow wow. After the blessing, we took Finn home, blessed, thoroughly petted, sniffed and loved on and left the kids to make their way through the school day. The socks gave them a way to continue to remember the special memory we had just created with Finn and to tell their friends where they got the cool, crazy socks they were wearing!

They are not quite old enough to talk about canine cancer and so far they have been blessed not to know it personally, since all of our dogs were lost prior their birth or when they were very young. But I like to think that we are raising the next generation of dog lovers who will not only know the love of a dog, know how to check their pup each month and who will fight for that dog if the time comes. I like knowing that the NCCF and all who are supporters help to grow a network of people who support one another as they fight canine cancer with their dog. My biggest hope is that in my children’s lifetime, they will see canine cancer disappear, or at the very least become a disease that is very treatable. That they will know that the motto we came up with is true, Together, We Are The Cure.

Pick up your socks today and continue the fight with your purchase and when you talk to people about where you found them. The socks are not just a fun piece of your wardrobe, they are a chance to educate about canine cancer. They make great gifts to dog lovers of all ages and the holidays are coming up very soon.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sara and Gary Nice
Founder • National Canine Cancer Foundation