A week before Thanksgiving we found out that our 10 year old female chocolate lab Kali has lymphoma.  We were shocked at this new because we had no signs.  The only reason we took her to the vet is that we noticed her breathing seemed to be labored.  We found that she was full of fluid in her abdomen and chest wall.  After having to do two chest taps on her we brought her to an animal oncologist who is absolutely wonderful.  While the type of cancer Kali has is not curable, it is manageable right now.  She has gone through one full round of chemo and is about to start round two tomorrow.  She is happy and energetic so we intend to do what we need to do for her until the time comes when the treatments are no longer working.  I have decided that I am going to blog about this because I want to document her treatment and also to be able to write about her funny personality and her loving spirit.

Source: Shelley Guiseppi’s Fitness and More