This is a story of friendship, a story of love, of heartbreak, of a dog that brought a bunch of sassy ladies across the country together and changed our lives.

When my Golden Retriever, Bailey, passed over Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2015, I locked myself away from the world. I couldn’t look at another Golden Retriever. I couldn’t say the word “dog.” I was inconsolable for months, entering a depressive state that I feared I could never climb my way out of.

While scrolling through Facebook months later, I saw this group called “Simba and Friends” with lots of friendly folks sharing pictures of their precious pooches. Without thinking I joined. I wanted to smile again and see happy dogs living their happy lives.

And then I came across Sawyer, the most magnificent Golden Retriever I had ever seen in my entire life. His kind face and soft brown eyes captivated me. His smile and his perfectly fluffy fur – he was like a teddy bear. I followed his story and hung on every word his Mama, Nancy, wrote. They were members of Paws for People, a therapy dog group in Pennsylvania where they live, and they traveled to libraries and senior centers and hospitals to touch thousands of lives. …Read the full story at Dawson County News

Source: Dawson County News