Many of us—myself included—live in dread of receiving bad news about our pets. We fear the moment when, looking at our vet’s face or hearing her voice, we know that something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, given the short lifespan of our beloved furry family members, those moments come to most, if not all, of us.

I’ve been on both sides of this situation, and I’m here to share some advice. While it can feel overwhelming to receive bad news, especially if it is unexpected, there are things you can do to help both yourself and your dog during this difficult time. Here are ten suggestions I’ve come up with after more than 20 years of guiding clients, friends and family through serious diagnoses.

1. Determine the level of urgency. If your dog is suffering and could benefit from emergency treatment (including surgery), you may not have the luxury of time to ponder all the factors. Ask your vet about next steps and how important is it that you decide immediately. If you are by yourself, consider taking a moment to call a friend or family member to talk things through. Sometimes, just saying things aloud can help you clarify your thoughts. …Click here to read full article

Source: The Bark