Tucker was diagnosed with Anal Sac Andenocarcinoma in May of 2010. Our vet found a tumor the size of a golf ball when expressing his anal glands. The entire left anal sac was surgically removed. I decided to forego radiation therapy due to the side effects, being separated from his family and not much difference in prognosis with or without radiation. Our holistic vet changed his diet to range-fed meats with no dairy and no grains. He eats a veggie mash from raw veggies, also. He has bloodwork and an anal exam every 6 months. So far, so good. He is 11 years old and going strong. You would never know that he had cancer. Tucker is very special to me. He brought me out of my post cancer funk. So I returned the favor of taking care of my boy. We are survivors! The photo is from two years ago at the first Canines for the Cure Texas Agility Shoot-out!