In 2005 I adopted Tigger from a rescue group they saved him from being put down at a shelter. Before I adopted him he was in three different homes and returned each time because he barked too much. So here goes our roller coast ride. In 2006 he had a benign growth on his eye which was removed with cyrosurgery they freeze it to remove it. But during pre admission test they found elevated liver enzymes and a mass was found he had the liver surgery and entire mass was removed. It was hepatocellar carcinoma ( liver cancer). Sadly it came back 8 months later in a different location in the liver that was inoperable. The chief of surgery would not even operate. They said SORRY. He may have a couple of months to live.Tigger has a strong will to live so I put on my boxing gloves and was in the fight .I have to admit I drove the vet crazy with all my questions fears etc. I found a vet who understood me he was doing a new procedure chemoembolization he stated it MIGHT work. Its were they give chemo beads directly into tumor to shrink it. That OUNCE OF HOPE that Dr. Chick Weisse gave to us meant the world to me. Tigger had two treatments and the tumor was 50 percent smaller so he had a 50 50 chance in surgery. At that time I knew I had to fight he went in for surgery mass was removed but we did he did not get clean margins. So again WE FIGHT .Now its Jan 2009 he underwent systemtic chemo . Never lost weight just lost alittle fur. Now its 2011 3 years post OP. Yes three years because of HOPE and finding the right vet Dr. Chick Weisse of interventional radiology. So I learned when your head is spinning and your heart is ripping out STOP do your homework ask questions go to another vet. I did this not for me but for Tigger he was healthy otherwise and his strong will to live. HOPE DOES LIVE HERE IN OUR HOME WE HAVE A MIRACLE DOG. Thank you for reading Tiggers fight and Thank you Dr. Chick Weisse for making this happen.