Scooter (chihuahua) was 9 yrs old when diagnosed with synovial cell carcinoma of the left forearm. Scooter had licked his left forearm for at least one year and I was led to believe that he had arthritis. As a result, Scooter began to receive laser therapy to the left forearm. I noticed that his joint actually began to swell. With more diagnostics,it was discoverd that my beloved little boy had cancer. Immediately the next day we headed to the University of Illinois to meet with an oncologist. Dr’s at the U of I were near certain that the cancer would be “cured” with amputation. A few days later, my strong Scooter underwent his surgery. Following his surgery,numerous pathologists could not agree on the type of cancer Scooter indeed had. Scooter’s tests were sent to a Dr at the University of California who confirmed that Scooter indeed had synovial cell cancer and that amputation gave him the best prognosis. Scooter just celebrated his 10th Birthday! He is the love of my life and gives me great inspiration. He has adapted to his “tripod” life without any problems. He is greatly independent and does not want assistance in tackling stairs or jumping.He has adapted to chewing “chewies” and uses his right forearm to actually reach for items and pull them near him. He beat that stupid cancer and is a SURVIVOR!