My name is Tina and i have a 13 yr old pit bull mix name Scooby Dee. She was diagnosed 3 years ago with “Doggy Breast Cancer. The vet found 3 lumps and Scooby underwent surgery to have them removed, unfortunately when she went back for her 3 month check up…the cancer had returned and spread to all her mammary glands. She was now diagnosed with full blown mammary cancer. She can undergo another surgery which is a two part surgery but there is a 50/50 chance that the cancer has spread further. I will not put my baby through another surgery. She is not in any pain and doesnt know she is sick. She is my heart and i love her very much. I will not let my dog suffer but for now, there is no pain and the lumps arent getting any bigger. It’s hard to know that my “puppy” has cancer, which makes it more difficult because my sister has stage 4 breast cancer. It just doesnt seem fair. Thank you for taking the time to read mine and Scooby Dee’s story.