Satchi was diagnosed with Stage Vb T-cell Lymphoma during September 2009 at Cornell Veterinary School following 5 weeks of trying to get a diagnosis. He had lost considerable weight and became inappetant which resulted in him being fed pureed food by syringe. He had no tumors and his lymph nodes were not enlarged. Cornell found that he had 20-30% abnormal cells in his bone marrow. We opted for the CHOP chemo protocol at Cornell beginning in September wanting to attain the best quality of life we could for him. He was noted to be in remission when he had his next bone marrow aspirate done. He had a very difficult time with the MOPP part of the protocol in late November. But he did get through this difficulty with slight revision to the protocol. During late January he was able to resume competing in AKC Agilty. He earned his MACH5 in February 2010. He was also able to compete at the AKC National Agility Championship while on chemo in March 2010 where he placed 12th in his class. Satchi completed the CHOP chemo protocol in April 2010. Bone Marrow aspirates in June and September were clear. He discovered lure coursing with Lure for a Cure while being a spectator at the Cynosport games and absolutely loved it! He has continued to compete in AKC Agility and earned another championship, his MACH6 (only the second Standard Poodle to do so), in November 2010. He likes to remain active by playing ball, balancing on his physioball, and going for walks. As of this time, he remains health, happy, and active. His visits Cornell monthly for checkups. His next bone marrow test is Dec 21, 2010.