I saw a lump on Sammy’s belly while giving him a belly rub one day and thought it was odd. The next day I couldn’t find it, figured it was nothing and forgot about it. Weeks later it showed up again and I was worried. I flew to the vet and they did a FNA (fine needle aspiration) and they told me they saw malignant cells- a mast cell tumor. I started crying instantly and they thought I was crazy. Little did they know I lost my first dog to breast cancer and now here I was reliving the nightmare. They told me it was a mast cell tumor and they could remove it next week maybe; they weren’t concerned. Well I sure was. I spoke with the vet that owned the practice and he was so kind- he understood I was worried and even though his surgery schedule was full, he would stay late and remove it the next day. I was so grateful. He took wide margins and they came back clean. Sammy is healthy now- 10 yrs old, full of life and spunk. I am vigilant in checking him weekly for growths, go the vet every 3 months for checks, and every lump is aspirated and removed. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters now and I am so blessed. One of his sisters is a twin for Misty who I lost to breast cancer. And I am determined to make their lives the best they can be.