RCi is the epitome of a blessed angel that was put in my life for a reason. My RCi left me with her precious legacy that I have been carrying out since 2003 – she has enabled me to help other fur kids and give advice to their parents on what to do, where to start, what is next, etc. RCi was diagnosed with Fibroscarcoma (January 2003) and lived an amazing 34 months of a quality of life with no tumor removal, no chemo and no radiation treatment – we just could not subject her to the radical treatments that were prescribed and would compromise her quality of life, so we went a supplemental route, high in antioxidants (which we developed into a product APA Antioxidant Booster). We were shocking the white coats off a team of university oncologists with each month that passed and RCi continued living her quality of life with no side effects. Very little information and help was available on the internet back in 2003 about canine cancer. But because of RCi and her will to live, in addition, we were also dealing with the situation with my mother-in-law who had ovarian cancer. The both of them put my persistence into overdrive to do something, be proactive and take part in giving then a quality of life and encouraged me to spread the word to others via creating a website, so that they would not feel alone, lost or stuck in depression. Thus the entity of A’Dobe Angel was created in both their honors. www.adobeangel.com is chuck full of information, advice, testimonials and positivity! What is ironic or coincidental, is when I finally finished the A’Dobe Angel website in October 2005 and released it as a domain, I remember turning to RCi hugging her and saying, “Your website is done!” Within a couple of days, she decided it was her time to Cross the Rainbow Bridge, her mission was done and mine had just begun. Had RCi left me before I had finished the website, I don’t think that I could of finish it – the pain of her loss would of been too great and she knew this. I truly believe my RCi waited – she knew helping others would be the healing therapy for myself. Fast forward to the present, RCi and I have touched many, many lives. When ever I am contacted by a fur kid parent dealing with cancer, I know my angel RCi is the one who guided them to me for advice, and her halo gleams a little brighter and her angel wings are hugging my heart! Since Rci’s passing we have kept the rest of our pet crew on the APA Antioxidant Booster as a supplement in hopes as a preventative and have happy, healthy fur kids for a long time. Please take a moment to visit: www.adobeangel.com.