Daisy, our adorable Norwegian Elkhound, was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors, at the age of 2 that were found in two locations on her body. After her diagnosis the tumors were removed and the pathology report rated them Grade II, meaning they had a 44% chance of recurring. With early treatment and proper care, dogs with Grade II tumors have an excellent chance of survival. Thanks to the wonderful work of cancer researchers, early treatment, and the funding provided by the National Canine Cancer Foundation, at age 10 Daisy is a now 8 year cancer survivor. We are so grateful for the National Canine Cancer Foundation so all dogs can have the same chance for a long life. Daisy is now the national spokesdog for Canine Cancer Awareness with John Nelsen Moosedog Rescue Fund – Elkhound Rescue. In her Canine Cancer Awareness educational booklet Daisy says “My tumors may come back anytime. It could be tomorrow, in 10 years, or never – but it is very important that Mom check me frequently for so new growths can be caught before they spread…so be sure to check the skin on your dogs for lumps & bumps because you never know what they can be.” Daisy and I are so blessed that she remains cancer free so we can enjoy each & every day together.