On January 20th, I found a lump on my 8yo border collie boy’s ribcage. Just eleven days later, on January 31st, he had three ribs and part of his sternum removed due to a tumor that exhibited both osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma characteristics. We declined chemotherapy, and supplemented with artemesinin and Hoxsey’s tincture. Two weeks after surgery, Curzon was cleared to swim and begin physical therapy. Four weeks after surgery, Curzon was cleared for full activity, including flyball. The surgeon said she’d never seen a recovery like his. 13 weeks after surgery, Curzon returned to flyball competition, turning in times in the 4.7 second range. We are now at 20 weeks post-op, 141 days survival when we were told that 90 days was the median survival rate that he’d be lucky to make, and Curzon is showing no signs of any metastases or recurrence. He ran in a tournament the first weekend of June, and will run in another this weekend. For those of you who are forced to deal with cancer in your canine companion, don’t give up hope – learn all you can, move as fast as you can, and keep your eye on your dog and you will make it through. ♥