Around 3 years ago I lost my Shih-Tzu, Spunky, to Lyphoma. I dedicated my life to the cause and educated myself along with others about canine cancer, treatments and preventative measures. Well, a little over 8 months ago I was lying in bed cuddling with my Golden Retriever, Bear. I was rubbing her furry belly and continued to rub up underneath her left armpit area. I felt a small pimple (size of 1/2 a fingernail) and automatically a flag was raised. I brought her to the vet and they did a needle biopsy. Diagnosis, Mast Cell Tumor (MCT). I sat on the ground crying but Bear stood in front of me licking the tears from my face. She went into surgery a day later to remove the tumor and surrounding cells and the vet felt very positive. About 3 days later the results arrived. It was stage 2, no chemo was necessary and they got 100% of the MCT with a 2 inch margin of clearance! Preventative measures saved Bear’s life!