FAQ for Friends Pages

FAQs for Personal Fundraising Page

How do I add pictures to my personal message?
Log into your personal page account and within the editor section look for the small icon for ”Insert/edit pictures” But first you will need to provide a URL of the picture. There are several ways to do this but the easiest is using Photo Bucket. You can go to photobucket.com and open a free account. With Photo Bucket every picture you upload will have its own direct URL link. You can then copy the “Direct Link” within you Photo Bucket use on your personal page editor.

Do I have to set a goal amount or can I just continue to raise money on my page?
No you do not need to have a goal in fact there is a selection on the edit page to hide the goal or not. If you hide the goal both the Goal and the Thermometer will not show on your page.

What if I want to use a goal and then I reach that goal but want to continue and just raise more goal?
If you have reached your goal, first congratulations and secondly you can just login to your page to edit it, and you can adjust your goal. The thermometer will also readjust for your new goal.

Am I limited to the default goal of $1000? 
No, you can make the goal as large as your want or you do not even have to have a goal.